About The Author

Sonia was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1973. She spent her life growing up in an inner city of Melbourne, to a migrant family from Italy.

At age ten Sonia developed a passion for writing and making up stories. She loved to present her stories to her class and was told by one teacher that she would be an author one day. This was her dream until the focus of her life suddenly changed.  She completed year 11 and 12, and later gained a diploma in welfare studies. She has spent the majority of her adult life working for the most disadvantaged members of the Australian community.

Sonia has extensive experience in drug use, mental health, and domestic violence issues. Sonia has watched people turn their lives around. She loved this job until another ‘calling’ knocked on the door and she had no choice but to pursue it.

In 2010 Sonia returned to her love of writing, following her own bout with anxiety and depression. In 2014, she packed her bags to live in Italy for six months, and pursue her dream of learning to cook with Italian Chefs, and work in Italian restaurants. It was during this time that her debut novel was born.

Her memoir titled “Where’s the Dessert?” One woman’s crazy journey to find sweetness in life has been released. It details one woman’s journey to weave through the many obstacles of life, to eventually find the sweetness in life; in the most unexpected way.

This is Sonia Rosa’s first book.


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